I am a Brighton-based freelance journalist. 

The title of this blog is taken from a novel by Milan Kundera. But there is no connection between that bildungsroman set in a Stalin-dominated Czechoslovakia and this ragbag of rumination. There is no theme to the blogs here: literature, art, politics, travel, food and much else besides will feature. I was going to call the blog ‘Noteworthy Marginalia’ which is perhaps a more accurate but more boring rubric.

My articles also appear in The Guardian.

Contact: johnhenrykeenan at hotmail.com


2 responses to “About

  1. Charles Keenan

    Hello John:
    Just found your name while doing some family tree research. Just wondering if you are related to the Keenan’s from Cumberland, ENG. My ggg grandfather, John Keenan;b. 1835, IRL was the owner of a china shop in Cockermouth. The shop was there for several generations.
    I still have cousins in the Cumbria area I hope to meet one day post retirement.
    Best regards from Western NY,
    Chuck Keenan

    • Hi Chuck,

      Although I know the Cumberland area well, my own family tree has its roots in Northern Ireland, specifically Fermanagh – and, more recently, North Yorkshire and County Durham. Good luck with your research.

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